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320  4th Avenue W, Olympia, WA 98501-1107

THE OYSTER HOUSE, Oyster and Family Restaurant in Olympia, WA

The Oyster House... a lil' History

The restaurant in which you are now sitting is the oldest seafood restaurant in the State of Washington.  It is the old original culling house of the original Olympia Oyster Company, which was formed prior to 1900.  Here for many years the Olympia Oysters were culled after being barged in the basin immediately to the north of this building.  As far back as 1859, Olympia Oysters were sent to San Francisco where gourmets would pay $20.00 per plate for them.

The original owners started a small seafood bar in the southeast corner of the building where Olympia Oyster Cocktails were served to patrons.

In 1948, the restaurant started to evolve into a large scale operation with two or three additions.  Today it is Olympia’s most noteworthy restaurant.  Personalities from around the world have visited the restaurant and still return when in the area.

With great respect for the history of this old building and the citizens still in this area, we have been and are now in the great task of returning the Olympia Oyster to its rightful place as a signature item grown in Southern Puget Sound.

We feel it is a rare privilege to bring this wonderful establishment into the 21st Century.

Our Management and Staff hope you will be pleased with your meal.